My new code adventure

So I have finally decided to start learning code... It's about time after all.

Code is something I have always wanted to know about and envy the people who do know how to code. It's something that can be implemented in to so much these days with most things having a web presence, and its only going to be more common as time goes on, but I was always under the impression that it was way too complicated.

I started with learning HTML and CSS through Codecademy to get to grips with the basics which I have now completed and everything all of a sudden seams more easy and inviting. I now know a lot of basics and how to structure documents with HTML and CSS and when I look at some code it doesn't look alien to me any more! I know that there's a long way to go yet and this is just the beginning but I have learned so much already and I have enjoyed the learning process, I can't wait to see what's next, it's become a hobby to learn how to code!

I am trying to find as many resources as possible at the moment to develop my skills in HTML and CSS further and put it to practice as I think the hardest thing will be remembering everything! I will also be going back to Codecademy to learn other languages such as PHP and Java Script in time then again practising with my new skills.

The big idea is if I can better understand how web developers work and the content that they require, then in turn I can become a better graphic designer and design better fitting content for them!