Introducing Makozin

Designed in 2016, Makozin is a humanist typeface with a stylish appearance. Created with a more fluid approach, Makozin has more movement and curvature within stems, an angled stress and visible modulation. Together these features give a strong presence of the hand with subtle characteristics of traditional calligraphy, providing a very comfortable read.

Its characteristics and the way in which it developed has a lot to thank Reading University for, especially its true italics, which before I studied the TDi typeface design summer course, I hadn’t included in my designs before. During the course I started to appreciate more the different qualities of different designs in which serve different purposes. The italics of this typeface steal the show and provide many possibilities; its rhythm offers a unique and stylistic change to the uprights, instantly creating a sense of elegance with a superior quality.

During my initial research for the typeface, I came across the expression ‘magazines make the perfect canvas for typography’; this is what steered me to the concept of a typeface that would have a versatile usage within the world of magazines, whether it be in print form or online. Makozin was designed to be suited to the many great typographic possibilities that the format and structure of a magazine provides, with attention grabbing headlines and easy to read body copy that follows.

Using one type or another tells a lot about the label. Makozin can communicate to an audience with a welcoming quality. I have truly let my personality shine through in this design. I seem to be drawn to the idea of type styles with a lot of movement and unique characters in them so I really wanted to create a typeface where you clearly see that its design decisions have been influenced by my own unique personality.

Available from:

The Northern Block, MyFonts and YouWorkForThem and

You can also check out the Behance campaign or the type specimen on ISSUU.