Daniel Bonner on Transformation

I recently attended a lecture with Daniel Bonner, Global Chief Creative Officer at Razorfish.

He talked about transformation… the way a design company can help transform a client and the trouble with transformation.

As designers we are all involved in transforming people and companies. We should create work that takes the client to somewhere they have never been before. If the idea is already out there then make it better, if it’s already as good as it can be, don’t do it again.

There is always someone with a excuse as to why something can’t be done, but DON’T let these people hold you back, stick with your idea and support it.


In 2012 Kodak went bankrupt because they didn’t transform, they were too busy making printer ink, instead they should of been designing apps such as Instagram. The problem is, is that many companies seem to think if they are doing well they don’t need to be transformed but this is not the case.

10% of all photos in existence were taken in the last 12 months!!!

This shows how much changes in such a short time and it is important to always be transforming and getting better even if you feel you are getting ion just fine.

You need to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers. Someone may come to you and say… Right, we need an app, but why? What is it they are trying to achieve?, How do they know it’s an app that they need?

Small solutions are the most realistic.